GM Jan Gustafsson, all-round nice guy, huge fan of the Thai Open and the face of has put together an entertaining video. Enjoy.

Chess, it is argued, is partially responsible for the country falling apart in the cutting below.



Sir Robert Perks was a Baronet (colloquially known as a clinger-on), it is one of the lowest hereditary titles in the British Monarchy.

The Midland Hotel

The Midland Hotel, which became synonymous with chess in Luton during the interwar years and beyond when the colorful character J.E.D. Moysey became the owner, was a home to chess in the town as early as 1910. A match against Northampton was played there with F.Dickens representing Luton on the top board. Local players may observe that C.Staddon, uncle of Nigel Staddon (formerly of Luton, now of Bedford) can be found on the team sheet.



Here is the chess scene from The Wire, enjoy.


Peter Frost, a friend from Bangkok, has entered the Vienna Open and has taken a picture of the playing hall for us.


For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure, Vienna is a beautiful city, rich in culture and history. Would a playing hall like that bring out the best in you over the board on a hot summer’s day if it has no air-con and water is not provided?

I have found an image of the ‘living game of chess’ played to celebrate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in Wardown Park, Luton. It is described in detail in the following post (

Here it is, you may click on the image for a better view.


Second row, second image from the left.


The excerpt below taken from The Luton News and Bedfordshire Advertiser, Thursday Jan 20th 1939 depicts what the general public (and its journalists) still consider chess to be, that being a genteel affair played by the patriarchs of society, as the misinformed BBC recently confirmed:


It is no longer 1939: this is how chess is presented by those within the game in 2015.

What a contrast indeed. Unfortunately for you younger guys, the cute Sopiko Gurumishvili is coupled to Dutch hipster and superstar GM Anish Giri. She’s also rated around the 2400 mark, so you’ll have trouble impressing her over the board also.

That aside offers the most interactive chess platform on-line and is so far ahead of everything else that endless hours of entertainment await you, a far cry from our bygone days indeed… .