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Writing has been completed. All three editorial/rewriting phases finished. Word count noted. Pics add. Quotes decided upon yet undecided over. Awaiting proofreading, pondering whether to aim for publishing.

I did remove a 9000 word Introduction a while back as it felt rather out of place. All of two days ago I made a video which I thought of using instead, believing it to be a more pragmatic approach. I was going to insert it into the writing project per se but this, I feel, is superfluous. So, I will post it here instead then when the writing project does appear, your decision, to read or not to read it, will be more rationally informed than whimsical.

Lastly, the writing project referred has meant a tremendous amount to me from start to finish. I am proud of my achievement but marketing it is of little importance, so what comes of it is what will come of it. No matter what, I will remain proud of myself and it will always be there for myself and anyone else who finds the narrative engaging. And if you ever wondered about the face behind this website, you will now see it and listen to me speak. The content is dense in places, you may need to play it again. Because I initially thought to insert in into the text you will here a reference to ‘the text below’, pay no attention to that. I shall end by stating the current working title is ‘No not as agreeable draw’.

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