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The Love of Wood

No this is not a post about a gung-ho policeman and his truncheon but a link to a Dutch documentary from the 70’s; lovers of chess, long-hair, questionable attire, smoking at the board, wooden sets, an endless cacophony of plosives, and shoddy camera work may read on.

When they are not misreporting, posting dubious academia that cannot find its way into print or getting carried away with hyperbole, sometimes Chessbase posts content worth paying attention to. I was delighted to see the documentary ‘The Love of Wood’, which can be found here:

If you are interested in the games mentioned within it, you can find links to them below the video itself. I haven’t linked the original Chessbase page as several of the claims made are, as per usual, inaccurate and the aforementioned games cannot be found there either. It’s dated 17/02/14, so find it yourself if you’re interested.

A point made by Chessbase that is worth mentioning, however, is that the documentary is made for chess players, and doesn’t shy away from the more technical aspects of the game. This should please us chess fans. Donner makes a number of interesting claims, and the interview with Euwe was well-handled I thought. You may need to tweak the options button to get the English subtitles.

Well worth a watch.

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