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“Admiration, by eroding our substance, depresses and ultimately demoralizes us; hence we turn against the admired — anyone guilty of having inflicted upon us the task of raising ourselves to his level.”

Emile Cioran

Luton Chess Club will now play every Thursday -not Monday– @ Wardown Bowling Club, Wardown Park, Luton not Bedford.


New home of Luton Chess Club

Concerns over the lack of a fixed schedule along with uncertainty whether anyone will actually turn up caused doubts amongst the members of the bowling club. Given that their own club night is Thursday, whilst finishing off my seventh pint of cider at the bar just before I staggered into the toilets, I decided that Luton Chess Club should meet on that night too, I then told Mick Josephs who, believing ‘it shouldn’t be a problem’ agreed. This ensures that club matches can go ahead without teams arriving from afar Mondays, finding that the clubhouse is locked and remains locked because no one has the keys. The principle corollary of this I hope to be that all Luton players, now assured of an abode, will quickly storm towards the Division 1 title…here’s what to expect at the club now.


Inside the new club.

There is a caveat: the dominoes being played may cause noise pollution raise the decibel level at times…I suppose when you blunder, at least you have a ready made excuse! Also, don’t puke up in the bogs and fall asleep in them for days like I did.  

Predictions for next season on a postcard [please see below for my address]

Name: Mark sub-standard county chess player quality chess player’ McCready

Address: Planet Earth, Inner Solar System, The Milky Way, The Universe


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F. Dickens who co-authored the only book ever written about chess in Bedfordshire is always described as a Schoolmaster from Kensworth. I cycled through there last weekend and took a picture of the only school it has, and what was his place of work during the 1930’s.

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Anyone can escape into sleep, we are all geniuses when we dream; the butcher’s the poet’s equal there.

Emile Cioran

Diggle lives on; that aside, when did Vauxhall gain their very own chess club? Answers on a postcard only please… .


IMG_20170725_153107I am not yet sure who wrote this yet sure it was either Sweby or Diggle. It ends with the adverbial clause ‘Luton had the move on the odd-numbered boards’. That is more like Diggle than Sweby but could be either, I suppose… .

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The ideally lucid, hence ideally normal, man should have no recourse beyond the nothing that is in him.

Emile Cioran

In The Luton News dated:


An account of the Fleming Trophy appears. I am assuming it was written by Sweby rather than Diggle, given that the latter is referred to in the third person. You would assume that Diggle would also refrain from dropping the ‘h’  that his middle name begins with in written English and probably spoken English too for that matter. A strong Bedfordshire team won the day!


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Our contortions, visible or secret, we communicate to the planet; already it trembles even as we do, it suffers the contagion of our crises and, as this grand malaise spreads, it vomits us forth, cursing us the while.

Emile Cioran

The cursed Luton chess club has found a new venue within Luton itself !!?? It can now be found in Wardown Bowling Club. It’s the best location had for some time in what is. perhaps, the prettiest part of Luton.


Mr. P. Montgomery in action.

LC Photoshoots 197

Wardown Park


The bowling club

It can be found in Wardown Park itself by the bowling green as the pictures above suggest. It’s a friendly clubhouse with a bar itself and members who are welcoming. As you know British people are the best in the world at bowls but the Kazhaks are second to none, as the video below shows.

At the new venue, Luton Chess Club meets every Thursday. Don’t turn up tipsy like I just did.



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Sweby adds details about Mardle’s award of a C.B.E. Assigning a home to William Ward is dubious. Himself aside, Mardle is the best chess player Luton has ever produced, and professionally, the most accomplished.

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