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I recently went home for the first time in five years and participated in the Beds. league once more. My club, which has been struggling for many years now was at home against the mid-Bedfordshire giants Leighton Buzzard A, current champions of Bedfordshire. It was wonderful to see everyone again and be a part of something that I miss so much. My addition to the team, along with Damon D’Cruz meant that an unfancied and outgraded Luton team, pulled off a stunning victory and beat the very best in the league. After the match, our captain Michael Josephs could not stop smiling. There was a sense that when we are all back together again, this is what we can do. I left feeling proud that I had helped us win the match, it was a lovely evening. Kents Luton v Leighton Buzzard A

Home Team: Kents Luton Away Team: Leighton Buzzard A
Board Name Grade Score Score Name Grade
1 Andrew Perkins 183 1 0 Stephen Law 193
2 Damon D’Cruz 159 0 1 Kevin J Williamson 174
3 Michael Joseph 149 0.5 0.5 Andy Tinker 174
4 Mark McCready 147e 0.5 0.5 Peter Hunt 165
5 Samir Vora 137 1 0 Brian J Valentine 169
Date Played: 30/03/2015 3 2
Wonky camera angle.

Wonky camera angle.

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