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With an absolute stack of books and magazines on order from yesteryear, I thought I might share where I get them from. If you’re interested in antique, rare or out of print books as well as much chess paraphernalia that is quite ungoogleable, you could do a lot worse than click on the links below. Each bookstore I have used many times and can verify their professionalism and trustworthiness -just don’t go buying up all the best offers now!

Norwich’s own Glynn’s Bookstore allegedly visited by Alan Partridge in search of Golding’s Lord of the Flies whilst researching the ‘numero one’ of radio debates in 1990’s England: that being, who was the best lord – Lord of The Rings, Lord of the Dance or Lord of the Flies. Click below for the answer.

Tony’s Bookstore or They deliver worldwide, including Kazakhstan. Here Borat talks about the inherently ambiguous term the Soviet School of Chess…or does he?

Lastly, Dale Brandreth’s site or They will sell books to anyone, even author and former Monopoly champ Giles Brandreth, whose career took a nose-dive into politics when he became a member of Parliament. Here is the verbose champ below, showing us all why Britain has fallen into decline. Monopoly fans take note that Brandreth’s book on Monopoly has never been bettered…admittedly, the clip below is intriguing. Brandreth claims that chess is English in origin…or does he?

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