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What can we say about GM Lev Aronian, well we can state the obvious by repeating how well-liked, creative and brilliant he is. And his partner WIM Ariane Caoili, what can we say? She has it all, well-spoken, a pleasant personality, polite, a love of academia, and is obviously the most beautiful woman ever seen at a chess board. When I embarked upon an MA and saw her playing in London, not knowing who she was at the time I frowned, unable to believe could be a chess player because she’s too pretty and so I went over to her game to look at her position. She got out of her chair and we engaged in eye contact briefly before she returned to the board to concentrate, perhaps curious what I was in turn curious about. When I left the hall I walked out so slowly thinking “Is it really possible for a female chess player to be that attractive? Surely it can’t be.” And what does that mean you ask? Well, if you see her dressed up in her own attire she is fashionable and puts supermodels to shame with ease. When I first saw her I was glancing round the hall and wondered why she is sitting at a board as she couldn’t possibly be a chess player looking that great -I thought she was probably a model who just wanted to sit down for a minute, not realizing that the seat was already taken.

I never had the chance to go to Armenia whilst stationed in Baku but believed it to be culturally more interesting. You can see traditional dress below if you can draw your attention away from Ariane, which is not easy. What a fun day they are having on camera. A wonderful pair for sure.

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