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“There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people.”
― Howard Zinn

The stupidly named St.George Defence, is a better defence to play than most people think. It’s not that I play it because I am English by birth but rather its obscurity.

I have played it on and off for five years, sometimes against titled players, and can win with it quite easily. Last night I played on-line someone rated 2032, about 100 points higher than mine. See below for how it went.


I am black of course.


A slightly innocuous setup by white.


The two things you need to understand about playing 1. …a6 is not to develop your queen’s knight too early, and that if the centre becomes blocked its often better not to castle. White should proceed with 8. e5 here. The point with an early b5 by black is that the knight can come to d5 and remain unchallenged if that happens. But here white plays 8. d5 for some odd reason.


White has just played 11. Nc6 with no advantage.


The opening was a success owing to the fact that my opponent didn’t quite know what to do then made a slip.


Black has just played 17. …Nb4, which is, I think, winning.


…getting messy


26. … Rd1#.


I was half-watching the tv too as I played this out on my phone…

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